Thursday, February 14, 2013

Intelligent garbage urn catchy single (video)

A Japanese inventor has created Smart Trashbox - an urn intelligent. It can determine where trash and to catch the fly. In some offices garbage disposal, and pieces of paper is a way to kill time and to demonstrate the accuracy of their own.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Russians want to name the Arctic Ocean

Russian scientists have proposed to rename the Arctic Ocean. Since there is the Indian Ocean, why there is Russian and Ocean? The argument in favor of renaming is that the Arctic Sea was studied by Russian explorers. Also, most of the islands and archipelagos of the Arctic belong to the Russian Federation.

Free fall: a jump from a height of 40 km (VIDEO)

This summer, Felix Baumgartner will attempt to set a record with a freefall jump from a height of 40 km. The attempt will take place not far from Roswell (New Mexico, USA).

Scientists predict an encounter with aliens

According to some members of the European Forum for Science, mankind can meet the aliens in the next 100 years. Thus, during his speech, British astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell said that mankind can find signs of life on other planets. "But are we ready for such a meeting? We imagine what to do with them? Maybe we should send them to the zoo or to eat? "- She asked.

Water from Air

Lately environmentalists say that people from different countries will be faced with a crisis caused by water deficit. An inventor from Texas, Terry leBleu, the response to these statements, created a miracle machine that paote produce up to 26 liters of water daily. The invention was named "Drought Master".

It's called the iPhone 5 release date

IPhone 5 premiere will take place on September 21 - this is the date declared by a Chinese source, close to the manufacturers. It was also confirmed that the iPhone will receive a new docking port at the bottom of the phone, because that old îcărcătoarele and accessories will be compatible with the new model.

Chupacabra in New York. It was found unknown creature (VIDEO)

A terrible creature with five fingers on naked body and rear limbs similar to those of men. This monster was found by an amateur photographer Denise Ginley while walking along the East River.
When the creature was shown specialists in New York City Parks Department, they said it was just a pig. But people do not believe the official views, creepy limbs had no resemblance pig hooves.